Main compositions

“Decorative motifs” for orchestra       (1971)

Sonata for viola and piano       (1973)

Sonata for piano       (1975)

Symphony N1    (Prof. N.S.Rabinovich in memoriam)       (1978)

Symphony N2    (D.Shostakovich in memoriam)       (1979)

Symphony N3  “Epitaph”       (1979-1980)

“From Ancient Georgian Poetry” –  (Lyrics by Georgian Anonymous  author) cantata for chamber chorus and strings       (1981)

“The leafs of Love”  –  cantata mezzo-soprano, tenor, chamber chorus and strings (Lyrics by Imant Ziedonis, Martinas Marcinkyavichus, Anna Kalandadze)       (1983)

Symphony N4       (1985)

Concerto for oboe and strings       (1986)

Sonata-Ballade  for solo violin       (1987)

Concerto stretta for bassoon and chamber orchestra       (1987)

“Concerto giocoso” for 3 trumpets in C and 2 percussionists       (1988)

“To David the Builder”  –  (lyrics by Anna Kalandadze)   –  cantata for chorus, wind instruments and  percussion       (1989)

“Lamento” (Kakhi Rosebashvili in memoriam)  for chamber chorus  (Georgian folk poetry)       (1989)

“To Saint Nino”  (lyrics by Grigol Robakidze) – cantata for  soprano, chorus and strings       (1990)

Two Romances for soprano and piano  (lyrics by Anna Kalandadze)       (1995)

Vocal cycles for bass and piano  (lyrics by Anna Kalandadze)       (1999)

Concerto for viola and orchestra       (2002)

Concertino brevis  for 7 percussionists       (2002)

3 pieces for wind quartet       (2002)

Symphony N5 “Psalms” for baritone, chorus and orchestra       (2004-2005)

Concerto for violin and orchestra       (2007)

Double Concerto for violin, viola and orchestra       (2009)

“Prayer”  –  (after Prayer by Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia His Holiness and Beatitude  Ilia II) – cantata for soprano, baritone Mixed Chorus and orchestra       (2009)

“Canticle”-   String  quartet N1   with solo soprano (after 42.Psalm)       (2010)

“Capriccio”  –  String quartet  N2       (2010)

Concerto for trumpet and orchestra       (2010)

“Penitential Hymns” (after Poem by Saint King David IV the Builder)  – Oratorio For baritone, Mixed Chorus and Orchestra       (2011-2012)

“Lamentatione” –String quartet  N3 (Ioseb Kechakmadze in memoriam)       (2013)

Concerto for French horn and orchestra       (2015)

Triptych for soprano and piano (lyrics by Galaktion Tabidze)       (2015)

String quartet   N4       (2016)

“Canticles of Soul”  (after David Guramishvili)  for Mixed chorus And percussion       (2017)

Concerto for flute and chamber orchestra       (2017)